Top 6 Tools A Hacker Needs

Hi Friends, this post Is just going to be a quick one I’m going to talk about what tools a hacker needs in order to carry out an attack.

Penetration Testing Distribution

So What is a Penetration Testing Distribution Well, the easiest way to explain this is the following. A Penetration Testing Distribution is a Linux distribution that has a set of hacking tools for use in cybersecurity. The most common type of penetration distribution is Kali Linux and they even used it in Mr.Robot.


We all know that hackers are sneaky, and also very smart In order to have such a gift you need to start from the beginning start learning how to program, I suggest starting off with python, learn all the Linux commands the more Linux commands you know the better you will be at hacking, if you ever get stuck, there are a ton of books out there. He is some.


A hacker can never show his identity otherwise his cover is blown, So give yourself a name, make it cool be creative. Make sure your handle contains numbers and letters. Heres a hacker name generator that you can start off with.


One of the most important ones is hardware When a hacker breaks into wireless networks he or she needs a Wireless USB adapter or network adapter, When a hacker breaks into a company to steal private information or needs to gain remote access to a server they need a Lan Turtle there are lots of hardware out there at very low price.

Fast Computer

If you want to do some serious hacking you need a very fast computer something with a very good GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and fast Ram (Random Access Memory) With this you can crack passwords very quickly.


When hackers attack some network or website they need a VPN so they can’t be tracked.

here is a couple of free VPNs you can use.

Please feel free to comment below if you need any help.

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