BeEF-XSS framework – Stealing Gmail Passwords

Today I will show you how hackers use zombies to take over someones browser and gain full control of their browser.

What is a Zombie?

Your first question is probably, what is a zombie? well to answer this simply. A zombie is a compromised computer connected to the internet that a hacker uses to gain access to someone’s computer or browser.

I will show you how hacker’s do these sort of attacks and then I’ll show you a quick video of it happening.

Here we go let’s begin.


Setting up Beef-XSS

We need to start up the beef-XSS service, so open a terminal and type the following.

service beef-xss start

Then, we need to open the beef framework so in order to do this use the same terminal and type.



To log in, the username is simply beef and the password is beef

Now you should log in, and this is where all the magic begins.

Here’s a video of how it all works.



Well this is a hard one, I guess have some virus protection software like

Most malware protection software these days protect you from phishing sites.

If your not sure if the link you’re about to click on is safe, go to this site and type in the URL.

This will analyze the site and tell you all the different virus protection software that detected it as malicious.

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