Bypassing Anit-Virus Solutions Using TheFatRat & Activating The Webcam

Hi Friends, today i’m going to show you something very scary stuff I have researched.

What is TheFatRat?

TheFatRat is a console-based tool that can be downloaded from git hub.

And what it simply does is bypasses anti-virus solutions by changing the signatures of a specially crafted payload, therefore allowing a hacker to have remote access to a machine.

How to set it up

To set-up TheFatRat is actually really simple, here is how you do it.

We need to clone TheFatRat from git hub.

git clone

Now you need to install it, so to do that you need to issue the following command.

cd TheFatRat/ && chmod +x && ./

Now it’s installed.



The demonstration of how a hacker can create a malicious payload that bypasses anti-virus solutions, to gain remote access to a machine, will be coming soon, just experiment with the tool yourself first.

Video coming soon.

Remember doing this to someone you don’t have permission from is illegal.


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