Bruteforcing Facebook Passwords

Hi friends, today i’m going to talk about how a hacker can bruteforce a facebook passwords.

Prepping the attack

before we get started, we need to download this script that will allow a cracker to gain access to Facebook accounts. Here is the command to type to download the tool.

git clone && cd Facebook-Bruter

Changing Permissions

We just downloaded the Facebook-Bruter now we need to change the permissions of the program so we can use it, so type in this command to do just that.

chmod +x

Now to run the program, just issue this command.



As you can see it’s very simple tool to use.


./ "email" "wordlist"

What you need to know before the attack

All you need to know to crack a facebook password is their email address, but.. you need a wordlist, the wordlist must contain their password.

How to generate a wordlist

A word list can be generated using cupps or some other program that comes with Kali, there are heaps of wordlist generators.

Heres a link to cupps:

To install cupps just type this.

git clone

This will download it from git hub.

HINT: The larger the wordlist the more chance you have of bruteforcing their password but it will take longer.

Let’s Crack

Here’s a quick video of me cracking a test account I created on facebook.

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This should only be used for password recovery only!!

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