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Exploiting Android Phones – Gaining Remote Access With A Rat

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There are various options to hack any cell phone remotely in 2019. Use of Metasploit and Antivirus bypassing software you can create a spy app to eavesdrop on your targets.

Hi Friends, i’m going to be talking about how a malicious hacker can create a specially crafted apk file to gain remote access to a phone.



Okay, we all know that there are a lot of malicious Android apps out there in the market, My main interest for this post is to talk about how black hats can create a malicious apk file to gain full remote access to an android phone allowing them to geolocate the phone, read SMS messages, make phone calls, and lot’s more, scary hey.

What We Need

First of all, we need TheFatRat in order to do this attack since it can bypass antivirus solutions on the Android device we are going to hack. So read this post to setup TheFatRat


Let’s Do This

Another useful research.

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