How to use Mailsploit for Email & Messenger Phishing

This is going to be a small post about a program I’ve been developing codename mailsploit.

What is mailsploit?

Mailsploit is a mail exploitation framework it uses phishing techniques to gain access to a device or any account on the WWW (World Wide Web) by sending someone a malicious link via email or through Facebook messenger. The user is then convinced to click on the link and once his / her clicks it, they will be hacked.

Confusion between MailSploit

Okay, so there are two different types of mailsploits, there is this one

And then there is my one.

They are both very different, the reason why they are named the same is that when I was developing my version of mailsploit I didn’t come to realize that there was one that already had the same name so I just continued developing it with the same name and not just that it sounds very cool as well.

Video Demonstration of MailSploit v1.1

Please feel free to comment if you have any problems.

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