How to Hack Android Phones And Active The Camera With Hakku

Hello everybody,

I have developed a new Android exploitation framework called Hakku.

Hakku is a tool written in python that can deploy a payload or malicious link through Bluetooth, SMS, Facebook Messenger or Evil Twin AP.

I have tested it on different devices and it works splendidly. It uses APKWash to bypass most anti-virus solutions.

The Bluetooth deployment option is my favorite because if someone nearby has Bluetooth enabled you can scan and pick up there Bluetooth device and send them an evil payload but, if they choose to not accept the file it will spam the connection until they accept the file and once downloaded and installed, you have full access to there phone.

You can activate their camera, listen through there microphone and even hide the icon to have a persistent connection to there phone.

Download the program from GitHub.

git clone




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