Reverse Engineering .NET Applications With DNSpy

Today, I will be demonstrating how to crack you’re very first crackme.

What is a Crackme?

crackme (often abbreviated by cm) is a small program designed to test a programmer’s reverse engineering skills.


Where Can I Download Crackmes To Practice?

There are lots of crackme websites out there where security professionals can practice there reverse engineering skills, the one I used was.

What software should I use?

There is lots of software for reverse engineering applications. We are going to use dnspy for reverse engineering .NET Applications, this tool allows us to look at the .NET code to understand what it does in order to crack it.

Just simply download the binary version.


Using Online C# Compiler To Test Code?

In this demo, it took me about half an hour to complete level 4 I ended up doing it successfully and it was so satisfying, What I did was I tested the CheckSerial(); function with an online C# Compiler and by doing that I could see the output that the application and I found that it capitalized the MD5 hash.

Winrar Hacker

Watch this for better understanding.


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