Syncing Your Hard Drive To Mega Cloud

Welcome, if you have clicked on this link, then you are either curious on how to sync your hard drive to the cloud or you have lost all your files once before and would like to know how to use the cloud to back up all your files, you have come to the right place let me explain how to use Mega Cloud. Enjoy.

Why use the cloud?

Well, an obvious one is to use the cloud as a backup source, so what you could do is backup all the files onto the cloud so you can access those files anywhere anytime, that way if your hard drive crashed or got corrupted and cannot be recovered you can use the cloud as a backup source. Using the cloud is very easy I will be showing you how to use mega cloud only because it’s free and you have 70GB for the free plan. All you need is an account for mega cloud and the Windows or Linux application and you are set to go.


How to Create An Account With Mega Cloud?

Creating an account is pretty straight forward, visit the link below to register, all you need to do is type in a valid email address and a strong password then verify through the email address you used.



Download the App and Get Started

mega cloud app.PNG

Once you have created an account click on the link below and download MegaSync.


Choose which operating system you would like to install MegaSync onto and go through the installation process. I used Windows for this example.


How to Upload to Mega Cloud?

When you have installed the application all you need to do is click on it and start choosing files and folders you would like to upload to the cloud Just a reminder, you only have a maximum of 70GB of space so be aware of what you upload otherwise you will run out of space. If you are considering using this more then there are plans you can upgrade to so you have more data and they are pretty pricey though.






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