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Extract Email, Phone Numbers of Facebook friends with OSIF Tool | Kali Linux

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Facebook is one of the biggest companies with a huge user database and that is why it is the first choice for hackers to gather information about a person.

Many people on Facebook do not care about privacy and that is the golden point for hackers. The users put their phone numbers, E-mails and make them public. This makes easier for hackers to gather these things.
That is why Facebook face data breaching problem a lot.
Here in this topic, we are going to do the same. We are going to use a tool called OSIF (Open Source Information Facebook) which is really a good tool to save our valuable time.
OSIF can extract the E-mails, phone numbers, usernames from the profiles of your friend list. This tool is written in python by Ciku370.
We don’t recommend you to use these tools for illegal purposes. We are here to raise the security awareness of people.
Let’s get into how we can configure OSIF on Kali Linux.

Configure OSIF in Kali Linux

Fire up your Kali Linux Machine, open up the terminal, change the directory to the Desktop and clone the tool from Github.


cd Desktop/

Now change the directory to the OSIF folder and expand it. Here you can see a script named with which will launch the tool. Before launching the tool, we need to satisfy some requirements to make the tool run properly. Follow the commands-
cd OSIF/
pip install -r requirements
The last command will install all the necessary packages required to run the tool without error. Now its time to launch the tool. Run it by the command-
 We’ve successfully launched the tool. To get the options we can use to extract information type help in the terminal and hit enter.
Extract Email, Phone Numbers of Facebook friends with OSIF Tool
Here you can see we got the list of options we can use. To use them you need to log in to your Facebook account to get the friend list. You have to log in to your account through the tool. To do that type token in the terminal and hit enter. This command will generate an access token for your account.
Extract Email, Phone Numbers of Facebook friends with OSIF Tool
Here we’ve put username and password of an account. Now launch the tool again and type help again in the terminal and hit enter.
Now we would like to collect the phone numbers from the friend list of the account we’ve chosen previously.
Extract Email, Phone Numbers of Facebook friends with OSIF Tool
The collected phone numbers are saved in an output text file in the OSIF folder. These are very sensitive information and don’t use them for illegal purposes.
There is nothing more to explain about the tool. Just type the commands given in help option to get the information you need.


Information Gathering is the first step for hackers to know a person and prepare an attack on the basis of his/her interest.
These tools play a big role in the field of Information Gathering. If we talk aboutOSIF, its targeting Facebook to get information. The creator knows Facebook is the easiest target where we can get maximum information about a person.
We must thank the creator of OSIF to give us an awesome tool.


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