Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

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A cross-platform note-taking & target-tracking app for penetration testers.

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Reporting a bug?

This is very early days of this project, therefore unexpected bugs, UI glitches and data-corruptions related issues may occur. I’d personally and strongly recommend to keep taking backups daily to not to loose any data if something bad happens.

Before reporting a bug or glitch, please confirm if it is not previously reported. Give most possible information about the issue: reproduction steps, OS/environments specifics and any possible suggestions to fix it.

You can use this link to create and file an issue.

Swiftness project was initially started to combat my day-to-day personal issues related to managing findings and checklist and was never built in mind for cross-platform support. However, to fulfill the gap for other OS, I decided to switch the project to ElectronJS. With the better flexibility, it came with a drawback of having too much dependencies on 3rd party libraries, ultimately, more concerns related to its security.

What measures we’ve been taking:


Where to report?


References related to Electron security

Please refer to the below guide on understanding the basics and security of Electron:

Also check the package.json to see this project dependencies.


We aim to release a major new update every 3 months, hoping to short this cycle however, testing and fixing the glitches for all the platforms take a bit time. Moreover, this project is maintained on weekends so you may see some slow replies on emails or issues.

  • Dark Theme
  • Support for Dropbox and Google Drive Sync
  • Performance Refactors
  • Reporting tools inspired by Frans Rosen (@fransr):
  • Better Text Editor: Enhanced Table features, export options, highlighting customisations, etc

How to contribute?

You can contribute and keep this project alive by, finding bugs or security issues, suggesting new features, grammatical mistakes / document writing or by creating pull request for pending bugs or feature.

You can also contact me at Twitter (my DM is open), or write me an email to to discuss anything related to the current goals, project’s future or any possible collaborations.



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