A cross-platform note-taking & target-tracking app for penetration testers.

Reporting a bug?

This is very early days of this project, therefore unexpected bugs, UI glitches and data-corruptions related issues may occur. I’d personally and strongly recommend to keep taking backups daily to not to loose any data if something bad happens.

Before reporting a bug or glitch, please confirm if it is not previously reported. Give most possible information about the issue: reproduction steps, OS/environments specifics and any possible suggestions to fix it.

You can use this link to create and file an issue.

Swiftness project was initially started to combat my day-to-day personal issues related to managing findings and checklist and was never built in mind for cross-platform support. However, to fulfill the gap for other OS, I decided to switch the project to ElectronJS. With the better flexibility, it came with a drawback of having too much dependencies on 3rd party libraries, ultimately, more concerns related to its security.

What measures we’ve been taking:


Where to report?


References related to Electron security

Please refer to the below guide on understanding the basics and security of Electron:

Also check the package.json to see this project dependencies.


We aim to release a major new update every 3 months, hoping to short this cycle however, testing and fixing the glitches for all the platforms take a bit time. Moreover, this project is maintained on weekends so you may see some slow replies on emails or issues.

  • Dark Theme
  • Support for Dropbox and Google Drive Sync
  • Performance Refactors
  • Reporting tools inspired by Frans Rosen (@fransr): https://github.com/fransr/template-generator
  • Better Text Editor: Enhanced Table features, export options, highlighting customisations, etc

How to contribute?

You can contribute and keep this project alive by, finding bugs or security issues, suggesting new features, grammatical mistakes / document writing or by creating pull request for pending bugs or feature.

You can also contact me at Twitter (my DM is open), or write me an email to rishiraj@swiftness.org to discuss anything related to the current goals, project’s future or any possible collaborations.



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