How to earn your first bounty in bug bounty hunting

If you are interested in bug bounty hunting and want to learn about it and earn your first bounty, well please read this.


Bigger Scopes Matter

Try to choose programs that have a larger scope, the reason for this is because you have more sub domains to work with and find vulnerabilities.

Mentors on Twitter

A lot of professional bug bounty experts are on twitter and they help people learn, there is a whole community out there on twitter and other websites that will help you level up your website hacking skills, I will name a couple of people I reach out to if I need help.




Videos that will level up your skills

Popular BugBounty Websites


Books that will help


Best BugBounty Programs




Must Have Tools:

Most of the work is done in Burp but there are a lot of tools on github

Vulnerabilities to look for first

  • XSS
  • S3 buckets
  • Open Redirects
  • SSRF

Then look for all the others xss is most commonly found though.

If you ever get stuck trying to find the correct payload, this site will help a lot:


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