Now, hacking is not something you can learn in one day, it’s something that needs to be repeated over and over again, you need to research new hacking techniques and tutorials, read books, the key to success is to practice.

How To Setup Your Lab?

This one is probably the most crucial part of learning how to hack, you need to set up a lab environment for hacking a good way to do this is to have a virtual machine and run 2 operating systems, Kali for the hacking and  Windows for the target. You might have to buy windows or if you want to take the risk you could get a pirated copy. Heres a video on setting up your lab.


Learn The Commands

Okay, so the most important part of learning any sort of Linux distribution is to learn the commands.

Below is a website that shows you a list of commands.

This website will show you a lot of commands you can use in Kali for penetration testing.


Watch Hak5

Okay, so there is this youtube channel that I greatly love and they show you a lot of hacking, they even have a shop that sells all these hacking gear and there a very well known company.

How to Practice?

Well, to practice is very easy you can either practice hacking your other virtual machine or ask a friend if you can hack his computer, BUT, make sure you have permission first.

Website Hacking Practice

If you’re more interested in website hacking well there are a heap of vulnerable web apps you can download and run virtually, and they have a whole heap of vulnerabilities you can try and exploit to practice.


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