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How Cyber criminals Combat & Bypass Antivirus Solutions

In order to infect a computer with malicious software, cyber criminals must either: Force the user into launching an infected file or Try to penetrate the victim’s computer – via a vulnerability within the operating system or any application software that’s running on the machine At the same time, the more professional cyber criminals will also try to ensure their

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How to Hack Android Phones And Active The Camera With Hakku

Hello everybody, I have developed a new Android exploitation framework called Hakku. Hakku is a tool written in python that can deploy a payload or malicious link through Bluetooth, SMS, Facebook Messenger or Evil Twin AP. I have tested it on different devices and it works splendidly. It uses APKWash to bypass most anti-virus solutions. The Bluetooth deployment option is

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Bypassing Anit-Virus Solutions Using TheFatRat & Activating The Webcam

Hi Friends, today i’m going to show you something very scary stuff I have researched. What is TheFatRat? TheFatRat is a console-based tool that can be downloaded from git hub. And what it simply does is bypasses anti-virus solutions by changing the signatures of a specially crafted payload, therefore allowing a hacker to have remote access to a machine.

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