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Learn different ways to get remote access to a computer.

WannaCry RansomeWare MS17 010 Metasploit

  This post demonstrates how to exploit a critical SMB vulnerability found in most windows systems, and was used by the ransomware named WannaCry, it basically encrypts the victim’s files and they are warned to pay the hackers $300 worth of bitcoins if they don’t it will be […]

How To Use Mailsploit v1.1 For Penetration Testing

Hi everybody, I’m going to talk about how to setup and use mailsploit v1.1, this python script is developed by me and if there are any bugs or problems please feel free to comment down the bottom. How Does It Work? Well, this is a python script, and […]

Activating Somebody’s Webcam Through Mitmf + beEF-xss + Metasploit.

Hi friends, I’m going to talk about how a hackers can remotly access your computer to spy on you. Man In The Middle Attacks This picture above shows you how a man in the middle attack works, In order to do a middle in the man attack, you […]

Bypassing Anit-Virus Solutions Using TheFatRat & Activating The Webcam

Hi Friends, today i’m going to show you something very scary stuff I have researched. What is TheFatRat? TheFatRat is a console-based tool that can be downloaded from git hub. And what it simply does is bypasses anti-virus solutions by changing the signatures of a specially crafted […]

BeEF-XSS framework – Stealing Gmail Passwords

Today I will show you how hackers use zombies to take over someones browser and gain full control of their browser. Your first question is probably, what is a zombie? well to answer this simply. A zombie is a compromised computer connected to the internet that a hacker uses […]

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