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Different Approaches For Reconnaissance — Bug Bounty’s

Hi, I’m z0id and I’m a security researcher at hackerone and bugcrowd and I’m going to show you different approaches to recon for your bug bounty Journeys. We will follow this check list: Approaches to sub domain Enumeration Visual Recon Google Dorks Content Discovery Approaches to sub domain Enumeration Sub domain enumeration is the key to discovering domains that can contain potential

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Priceline Open Redirect Hackerone Disclosure

What is open redirection? Open redirection is a type of vulnerability where by a website can redirect the user to any other website, this could be used by an attacker to send someone a malicious link to a legitimate site that redirects them to a fake site that steals credentials or downloads a backdoor to their machine.   Priceline Open

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Live Hacking Streams with Krypt0mux

Hi everyone, welcome to my website if you are a new visitor well, I hope you like my website. Today’s topic will be about my new twitch channel that I created the other day.   What will I stream? I like lists so, I will populate a list below of the things I will be streaming. Programming Exploit Development Hacking

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