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Cross Site Scripting Discovery With XSSPwn

Today, I will be showing you how to automatically test for Cross-Site-Scripting vulnerabilities with a tool I made called xsspwn.   How it works? Xsspwn is a Cross-Site-Scripting Testing tool, It will attempt to Inject payloads into a parameter for testing and when the scan finishes it will output […]

How to make money hacking without a degree

I’ve really been interested of the idea making money hacking without a degree, if all you are thinking this is not possible or you would consider yourself doing this oneday well, read below to find out. Bug Bounty’s Okay well for most of us it is hard to […]

Session HiJacking With Stored XSS And Cookie Stealers

Hello Friends, I’m going to show you how hackers can steal your cookie and gain access to your account. The Cookie Stealer? This is a very simple cookie stealing script by the way. Script:   Deploying The Script To Deploy the script go to. This will be […]

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