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Different types of hackers

So, there are 3 main types of hackers:

  • White hat hacker
  • Grey hat hacker
  • Black hat hacker


What is a Blackhat hacker?

A black hat hacker is one of the worst kinds of hackers or crackers.

They are the bad guys, they will try to break into systems for theft.

There the ones that will:

  1. Steal Bank account Information
  2. Identity theft
  3. Disclose sensitive information
  4. Scam you
  5. Crack Passwords

What is a Whitehat hacker?

White hat hackers are the good guys, they are the protectors from the evil black hats.

So, a white hat hacker will try to find vulnerability’s on a particular system such as:

  • Mobile devices
  • Computers / Laptops
  • Firewalls
  • Apps
  • Software


They will report vulnerabilities and patch them before the black hats try to take advantage of these vulnerabilities.

White hat hackers also know as Ethical hackers will try to inform people about the latest attacks and how to prevent them from happening,

They also perform what’s known as penetration testing so, they will go into a business and pretend to be the bad guys.

White hats have to try and think like a black hat, their job is to try and keep everyone safe.

When people hear the word hacker, they instantly get concerned and worried but the truth is,

they are not all bad.


What is a Greyhat hacker?

A grey hat hacker is one of those types of hackers that are not sure which side they are on. They could do bad stuff like deface websites

and execute malicious tasks, but they will also do good stuff like warn people about certain vulnerabilities.

Other words don’t trust a grey hat & black hat hacker.


What are Script Kiddies?

Script kiddies are a type of hacker that uses other peoples exploit code to carry out certain attacks.

They don’t like wasting time if they really want to gain access to a machine they will not spend the time

trying to write exploit code for a particular vulnerability, they will use code that’s already out there.


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