Hi Friends, this is my latest penetration testing tool that allows a hacker to send a malicious payload through to an smtp server such as Gmail, Yahoo, and bypasses there virus checker.

Where to get it?

You can download this tool from GitHub, the link is provided down below.


If you want to use this tool and learn how to install it, then click on the link.

How does it work?

This penetration tool is a very simple program that sends a malicious link through to an SMTP server using smtplib, and bypasses the SMTP virus checker. The victim has to click on the link to download the malware.

Video Demonstration

How Protect yourself?

  1. Have antivirus software.
  2. Keep your system up to date.
  3. Do not click on any suspicious links.
  4. Scan the link first using this website
  5. Do not get fooled.
Use at your own risk, I’m not to blame if you use this for illegal activities and you get into trouble.

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