Here’s a list of projects i’m working on.

RatHydra Remote Administration Trojan

This is a simple (rat) remote administration trojan I am writing in python. code name rathydra. it still has a long way to go until it’s completed when it is finished it will be on GitHub.

This video demonstrates how to gain remote access to a Windows 7 machine using rathydra.

Simple Sha1 Bruteforcer

What this algorithm simply does, is it will go through each word in a dictionary and encode the word into a sha1 hash and if it matches with the one you inputted, it will then be cracked.

Facebook Bruteforcer

This project is a simple python script that brute-forces a facebook account.

MailSploit v1.1

This a just a simple python script that sends a malicious link through to an SMTP server such as GMAIL, YAHOO and bypasses there virus checker, by forcing the victim to click on a malicious link, It also has the functionality to start a listener with Metasploit.

You have to create the payload manually though.

Facebook Image Scraping Bot

This simple facebook bot uses python modules to search through peoples pages on Facebook and downloads their images.


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