Here are a list of projects I’m working on




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EvilPhisher is a phishing program written in python and it allows ethical hackers to clone some of them most popular social media websites to steal/harvest passwords by social engineering. It also uses Ngrok to port forward the Apache server which runs on port 80, so, that anyone around the world can access the phishing page.



This tool is designed to test for xss vulnerabilities in websites, it uses a list of payloads to inject into parameters and check to see if they get reflected back.

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This is a simple SMTP bruteforcer script written in python, it attempts to log in to an SMTP server such as (Gmail, Yahoo, Live)  with a dictionary attack.




Simple Sha1 Bruteforcer

What this algorithm simply does, is it will go through each word in a dictionary and encode the word into a sha1 hash and if it matches with the one you inputted, it will then be cracked.





Well, you need to specify the email address of the account and a wordlist, what it will do is attempt to login to the facebook account with each word in the dictionary. It uses TorRequests to bypass facebooks login security. A VPN will give you better protection and more chances to brute force the account.

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MailSploit v1.1 ( Phishing, Email Spoofing, FB Messenger Exploitation)

This a just a simple python script that sends a malicious link through to an SMTP server such as GMAIL, YAHOO and bypasses there virus checker, by forcing the victim to click on a malicious link, It also has the functionality to start a listener with Metasploit.

You have to create the payload manually though.





Facebook Image Scraping Bot ( Facebook Mass Image Downloader )

This simple facebook bot uses python modules to search through peoples pages on Facebook and downloads their images.



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