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Bruteforcing Email Accounts With Specter.py

Hi Friends, I’m going to be talking about how to bruteforce an email account. Theory Behind Bruteforcing Bruteforcing a password is very simple, but very time to consuming, the way it works is that you use a dictionary and attempt to log in to the server with each password in the dictionary. Dictionaries or wordlists are a text file with

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Bruteforcing Facebook Passwords

Hi friends, today i’m going to talk about how a hacker can bruteforce a facebook passwords. Prepping the attack before we get started, we need to download this script that will allow a cracker to gain access to Facebook accounts. Here is the command to type to download the tool. https://github.com/imadoxhunter/Facebook-Bruter git clone https://github.com/imadoxhunter/Facebook-Bruter && cd Facebook-Bruter Changing Permissions We

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