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Session HiJacking With Stored XSS And Cookie Stealers

Hello Friends, I’m going to show you how hackers can steal your cookie and gain access to your account. The Cookie Stealer? This is a very simple cookie stealing script by the way. Script: https://nofile.io/f/wk5USTQCSY9/stealer.php Deploying The Script To Deploy the script go to. https://profreehost.com/login/ This will be your fake website so, Create an account with them, choose what you want your

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BeEF-XSS framework – Stealing Gmail Passwords

Today I will show you how hackers use zombies to take over someones browser and gain full control of their browser. What is a Zombie? Your first question is probably, what is a zombie? well to answer this simply. A zombie is a compromised computer connected to the internet that a hacker uses to gain access to someone’s computer or browser.

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