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Top 10 Linux Distro for Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing

A security-focused operating system is a hacker’s best companion as it helps them to discover the weaknesses in computer systems or computer networks. Whether you are pursuing a career in Information Security or working as a security professional or you are interested in this specific field of knowledge, you must be known of a decent Linux distro that suits your

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How to make money hacking without a degree

I’ve really been interested of the idea making money hacking without a degree, if all you are thinking this is not possible or you would consider yourself doing this oneday well, read below to find out. Bug Bounty’s Okay well for most of us it is hard to get a degree in cybersecurity either because of time constraints or a

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Top 6 Tools A Hacker Needs

Hi Friends, this post Is just going to be a quick one I’m going to talk about what tools a hacker needs in order to carry out an attack. Penetration Testing Distribution So What is a Penetration Testing Distribution Well, the easiest way to explain this is the following. A Penetration Testing Distribution is a Linux distribution that has a set of

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