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Phishing For Passwords Using Ngrok & EvilPhisher

What is Phishing? Phishing is where a malicious person clones a website and injects a malicious php script that allows them to capture the post request which contains the username/password. How Complex is it? Phishing is such an easy way to steal someones password and the complexity is really low, but it requires a lot of social engineering. There are

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How to Crack Facebook Accounts With FBKiller

Hi, folks, in this post I will be demonstrating how to recover a facebook account with FB killer. This program will attempt to crack a facebook account It has various bypass mechanisms that prevent from being locked out of the account you are recovering. Legal Disclaimer: This tool is not to be used for illegal purposes, hacking into other peoples

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Bruteforcing Facebook Passwords

Hi friends, today i’m going to talk about how a hacker can bruteforce a facebook passwords. Prepping the attack before we get started, we need to download this script that will allow a cracker to gain access to Facebook accounts. Here is the command to type to download the tool. https://github.com/imadoxhunter/Facebook-Bruter git clone https://github.com/imadoxhunter/Facebook-Bruter && cd Facebook-Bruter Changing Permissions We

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