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How to Hack Android Phones And Active The Camera With Hakku

Hello everybody, I have developed a new Android exploitation framework called Hakku. Hakku is a tool written in python that can deploy a payload or malicious link through Bluetooth, SMS, Facebook Messenger or Evil Twin AP. I have tested it on different devices and it works splendidly. It uses APKWash to bypass most anti-virus solutions. The Bluetooth deployment option is

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Activating Somebody’s Webcam Through Mitmf + beEF-xss + Metasploit.

Hi friends, I’m going to talk about how a hackers can remotely access your computer to spy on you. Man In The Middle Attacks This picture above shows you how a man in the middle attack works, In order to do a middle in the man attack, you need to have 3 clients the gateway – attacker – target.¬†You simply

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