How to Crack Facebook Accounts With FBKiller

Hi, folks, in this post I will be demonstrating how to recover a facebook account with FB killer. This program will attempt to crack a facebook account It has various bypass mechanisms that prevent from being locked out of the account you are recovering. Legal Disclaimer: This tool […]

Cross Site Scripting Discovery With XSSPwn

Today, I will be showing you how to automatically test for Cross-Site-Scripting vulnerabilities with a tool I made called xsspwn.   How it works? Xsspwn is a Cross-Site-Scripting Testing tool, It will attempt to Inject payloads into a parameter for testing and when the scan finishes it will output […]

How To Test Android Application Security Using Drozer & InsecureBankv2?

Let’s Begin! First of all, we need to forward the connection so type this command using the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) adb forward tcp:31415 tcp:31415 Funny, 31415 is the start of the mathematical constant PI.   Now connect to drozer. drozer console connect How to Bypass the Login Screen? […]

Android Exploitation Setting up the Lab

I will be demonstrating today how to setup drozer and inseucrebankv2 for android exploitation. Prerequisites: I’m going to assume you have Kali Linux setup in a virtual machine, and you know the basics of Kali.   Let’s Begin Type in the following command to install drozer. apt-get install […]

Cracking WPA Protected Networks With Aircrack-ng

I am going to talk about how an attacker can brute force your WPA protected network. What is WPA? Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) is a security standard for users of computing devices equipped with wireless internet connections. WPA was developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance to provide more sophisticated data encryption […]

Stealing WPA Passphrase With Airgeddon Evil Twin AP

In this post, I will be talking about a type of attack vector called an EvilTwin AP. Now an evil twin attack is the last resort when you’re trying to gain access to someone’s wireless network so, if you can’t crack the WPS pin or Bruteforce the WPA […]

Hacking Android Phones With Hakku | Activate Camera

Hello everybody, I have developed a new Android exploitation framework called Hakku. Hakku is a tool written in python that can deploy a payload or malicious link through Bluetooth, SMS, Facebook Messenger or Evil Twin AP. I have tested it on different devices and it works splendidly. It […]

Bruteforcing Email Accounts With

Hi Friends, I’m going to be talking about how to bruteforce an email account.   Theory Behind Bruteforcing Bruteforcing a password is very simple, but very time to consuming, the way it works is that you use a dictionary and attempt to log in to the server with […]

How To ROOT Almost Any Android Phone

Rooting is a process that allows you to attain root access to the Android operating system code (the equivalent term for Apple devices id jailbreaking). It gives you privileges to modify the software code on the device or install other software that the manufacturer wouldn’t normally allow you to. Putting Your […]

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